Literary Response

There are many ways that Melody changed in “Out Of Mind”.To start with,Melody gets a baby sister named Penny.Melody gets a baby sister that is a crazy mess.”You’re going to have a baby brother or sister real soon”.Then,Melody is so happy because she got an electric wheelchair Melody is so happy she is a smiley face.”I did get an electric wheelchair,and our school began something called inclusion classes.Melody gets a medi-talker so she can talk when she wants to.Last,Melody gets a medi-talker to talk like other kids in her class.”Finally,we found something called a medi-talker that looks like a possibility.That is how Melody changed in “Out Of My Mind”.

Sharon Draper’s Writing

These are some things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing. Out of my mind is so descriptive and detailed that I can picture it in my mind.”I guess they see a girl with short,dark,curly hair strapped in a pink wheelchair”.She is really creative with her characters.”I am surrounded by words.Maybe millions.Cathedral.Mayonnaise.Pomegranate.Mississippi.Neapolitan.Hippopotamus.Silky.Terrifying.Iridescent.Tickle. Sneeze.Wish.Worry”.She makes this book so realistic.”I can’t talk I can’t walk.I can’t feed myself to the bathroom.Big bummer”.Those are the things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing.

Earth Day

Each person conserving energy

Air that cleans

Rid of pollution

Together we can save earth

Helping indangered animals


Drinking fresh water

Amazing place to live

Year after year helping the world be a better place