Amendment Four

A-Amendment four prevents the government from unreasonable search and seizure of the property of us citizens.

M-Many municipal police forces have engaged in aggressive use of ” stop and frisk.”

E-Early court decisions limited the amendments scope to a law enforcement officer’s physical intrusion onto private property,but with katz v. united states (1967), the supreme court held that its protections,such as the warrant requirement,extend to the privacy of individuals as well as physical locations.

N-New York city made the changes

D-Difficult questions today is what constitutes a ”search.”

M-Making changes makes peace

E-Established in weeks v. united states (1914), this rule holds that evidence obtained through a fourth amendment violations is genrally inadmissable at criminal trails.

N-No amendments changed.

T-This means that the police can’t search you or your house without a warrant or problem cause.


F-Fourth amendment was apart of the bill of rights that was added to the constitution on December 15, 1791.

O-On March 1, 1792, secratary of state thomas Jefferson anouced  the adoption of the amendment.

U-Under the fourth amendment, search and sezuire (including arrest) should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court,usally by a law enforcement officer who has sworn by it.

R-Requires the government to have a warrant that was issued by a judge and based on probally cause.

Patriot poem

He’s a virginia delegate to a continental congress in philadelphia

His political career followed his military one

He fought for religious freedom

He’s a patriot

James Madison

He was resolved

He was small in stature

He helped write the articles of confederation

He was appointed colonel in the orange country militia



Pearl Harbor

People who attacked were the Japanese.

Edwin Joseph Hill was a hero and awarded The Congressional medal of Honor.

Attack commenced at 7:55 a.m. on Sunday,December 7,1941.

Roosevelt called the day “A date that will forever live in infamy”.

Laurence  Kenneth Holm was a petty officer third class and was killed on the U.S.S. Oklahoma.


Herbert Jones was awarded posthumously The Congressional Medal of Honor on this day.

Arizona  was a battleship totally destroyed and now has a memorial above it.

Robert R Scott gave his life saving others this day and was also awarded The congressional Medal of Honor.

Battle of Pearl Harbor started World War 2.

Oklahoma,West Virginia,Calofornia were ships that were sunk.

Robert Derall was a seamend second class and was killed on the U.S.S. Arozonia on this day.





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Red Ribbon Week

imageTo me red ribbon week is saying what you going to say when someone ask you to try drugs they will say it is not bad for your body at all but it actually is .I know what my answer is when someone is going to ask me to do drugs.It is a big NO!I’m not going to do drugs anywhere or any time it will mess up your your life.

Colonial Life  


Today was a hard day.I had to so many things at once,wash clothes,cook,take care of my children and a lot of other things.I wonder if tomorrow is going to be harder or easier?The next day all I had to do was laundry.I have to do all chores by hand.For laundry you would take like an hour or two,the water had to be hauled and heated.In the winter,washing and drying was inside.Otherwise,your clothes will freeze then you would get cold.Once or twice a year I make soap.Over a big fire outside,I mixed lye and animal fat.I stirred non-stop until it was thickened.Then I would pour it into the pans to harden.When you make soap it is really messy and smelly.It is also risky lye can burn skin.Some chores are seasonal.There was a big house cleaning each spring.In summer,I dried herbs and fruits.In fall,I husk corn and smoked wheat.Winter was the time for spinning and sewing.I could not vote at all.Children learned task by helping their parents.