Literary Response

There are many ways that Melody changed in “Out Of Mind”.To start with,Melody gets a baby sister named Penny.Melody gets a baby sister that is a crazy mess.”You’re going to have a baby brother or sister real soon”.Then,Melody is so happy because she got an electric wheelchair Melody is so happy she is a smiley face.”I did get an electric wheelchair,and our school began something called inclusion classes.Melody gets a medi-talker so she can talk when she wants to.Last,Melody gets a medi-talker to talk like other kids in her class.”Finally,we found something called a medi-talker that looks like a possibility.That is how Melody changed in “Out Of My Mind”.

Sharon Draper’s Writing

These are some things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing. Out of my mind is so descriptive and detailed that I can picture it in my mind.”I guess they see a girl with short,dark,curly hair strapped in a pink wheelchair”.She is really creative with her characters.”I am surrounded by words.Maybe millions.Cathedral.Mayonnaise.Pomegranate.Mississippi.Neapolitan.Hippopotamus.Silky.Terrifying.Iridescent.Tickle. Sneeze.Wish.Worry”.She makes this book so realistic.”I can’t talk I can’t walk.I can’t feed myself to the bathroom.Big bummer”.Those are the things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing.