Colonial Life  


Today was a hard day.I had to so many things at once,wash clothes,cook,take care of my children and a lot of other things.I wonder if tomorrow is going to be harder or easier?The next day all I had to do was laundry.I have to do all chores by hand.For laundry you would take like an hour or two,the water had to be hauled and heated.In the winter,washing and drying was inside.Otherwise,your clothes will freeze then you would get cold.Once or twice a year I make soap.Over a big fire outside,I mixed lye and animal fat.I stirred non-stop until it was thickened.Then I would pour it into the pans to harden.When you make soap it is really messy and smelly.It is also risky lye can burn skin.Some chores are seasonal.There was a big house cleaning each spring.In summer,I dried herbs and fruits.In fall,I husk corn and smoked wheat.Winter was the time for spinning and sewing.I could not vote at all.Children learned task by helping their parents.